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"I Love Lucy" Bit-Actors

Links to Web pages about the Bit-Actor are listed on this page as well. Please let me know if you have the names of any other bit-actors... contact me.

Florence Bates - One of the Society Matrons League members in episode #25, "Pioneer Women." This one is really obscure, but about fifteen years earlier she portrayed the aunt of Joan Fontaine in Rebecca.
Florence Bates (IMDB)

Bea Benadaret - ("Kate" on Petticoat Junction) as "Miss Lewis" in #15 "Lucy Plays Cupid." She was also the voice of Betty Rubble on "The Flintstones." NOTE: Bea Benadaret was Lucy's first choice for the character of "Ethel Mertz"

Madge Blake - Episode #85 - Mrs. Mulford, the proprietor of the hat shop in Episode #85 "Ricky Loses His Temper". She later went on to be "Aunt Harriet" in the Batman TV series.

Marilyn and Roz Borden - Teensy and Weensy in episode #112 "Tennessee Bound"

Bart Bradley - Bart Bradley (little Italian boy) in episode #149, "Lucy Gets Homesick," later played Robert Urich's sidekick in the show "Vegas" and later changed his name to Bart Braverman.

Hillary Brooke - English actress who tried to manipulate most of Ricky's time in Europe in episode #143 "The Fox Hunt".

Hans Conreid - the English tutor in episode #48 "Lucy Hires and English Tutor"

Richard Crenna - Arthur Morton in #20 "Young Fans"

Barbara Eden - She portrayed the Munson's houseguest, Diana Jordan.
Barbara Eden (IMDB)

Gale Gordon - Played Alvin Littlefield in episodes #33, "Lucy's Schedule," and #35, "Ricky Asks for a Raise." Mr. Mooney of the Lucy Show.

Joseph Kearns - the psychiatrist in episode #27 "The Kleptomaniac", who went on to play Mr. Wilson in "Dennis the Menace."

Howard McNear - Mr. Crawford, the music teacher, in Episode #156 "Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright". He is also known as Floyd, the Barber, on the "Andy Griffith Show" which subsequently filmed at Desilu.

Phil Ober - in episode #119, "Don Juan is Shelved," he played Dory Schary. Also played Arnold, the "first husband" in episode #5 "The Quiz Show." Phil Ober was Vivian Vance's real life husband.

Hayden Rorke - Mr. O'Brien in episode #21, "New Neighbors." Hayden Rorke was also Major Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie.
Hayden Rorke (IMDB)

Natalie Schafer - in episode #81, "Charm School" - Natalie Schafer was Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island Natalie Schafer (IMDB)

Aaron Spelling - The gas station fellow who gave the Ricardo's directions to Bent Fork
Aaron Spelling (IMDB)
Aaron Spelling Tribute

Janet Waldo - (the voice of "Judy Jetson") in #20 "Young Fans"
Janet Waldo (IMDB)