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Lucille Ball Movies

Thanks to Yazi Gemora who so kindly mailed me Lucy's total of 79 films that she had ever appeared in, I now have the entire list to share with you.

* = Lucy had an unbilled cameo role.

  1. *Blood Money (1933) -Fox
  2. *The Bowery (1933) -20th Century
  3. *Broadway Thru a Keyhole (1933) -20th Century
    • Look for a blonde Lucille in the beach scene
  4. *Roman Scandals (1933) -Goldwyn
    • Look for Lucille as one of the slave girls in a long blonde wig
  5. *The Affairs of Cellini (1934) -20th Century
  6. *Bottoms Up (1934) -Fox
  7. *Broadway Bill (1934) -Columbia
    • Look for a blonde Lucille as a phone operator
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  8. *Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (1934) -Goldwyn
  9. *The Fugitive Lady (1934) -Columbia
    • Look for Lucille as one of the beauty operators
  10. *Hold That Girl (1934) -Fox
  11. *Jealousy (1934) -Columbia
    • Lucille was cast as "the girl"
  12. *Kid Millions (1934) -Goldwyn
    • Lucille appears as a Goldwyn Girl in the final number "Ice Cream Fantasy
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  13. *Men of the Night (1934) -Columbia
    • Lucille plays the small role of Peggy
  14. *Moulin Rouge (1934) -Columbia
    • Look for Lucille in the nightclub scenes
  15. *Murder at the Vanities (1934) -Paramount
  16. *Nana (1934) -Goldwyn AKA The Lady of the Boulevards
    • Lucille appears as a girl in the chorus
  17. Carnival (1935) -Columbia
    • Lucille plays a nurse in the hospital scene and her first credited role in a movie
    • Note: this was Lucille's last film before being dropped out of her contract w/ Columbia but just as fast she was snatched up by RKO and put under contract for 7 years!
  18. I Dream Too Much (1935) -RKO
    • Lucille appears with a bit part as wisecracking Gwendolyn Dilley
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  19. *Old Man Rhythm (1935) -RKO
    • Look for Lucille as a college girl
  20. *Roberta (1935) -RKO
    • Look for a blonde Lucille as a model in the final scene
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  21. *Top Hat (1935) -RKO
    • Look for Lucille as the flower shop clerk
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  22. *The Three Musketeers (1935) -RKO
  23. *The Whole Town's Talking (1935) -RKO
  24. Bunker Bean (1936) -RKO
    • Lucy plays Miss Kelly
  25. Chatterbox (1936) -RKO
    • Lucy plays Lillian Temple
  26. The Farmer in the Dell (1936) -RKO
    • Lucy plays the script girl, Gloria
  27. Follow the Fleet (1936) -RKO
    • Lucy plays Kitty Collins
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  28. Don't Tell the Wife (1937) -RKO
    • Lucy plays Ann Howel
  29. Stage Door (1937) -RKO
    • Lucy plays a more prominent role as Judy Canfield along with Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Eve Arden, and Ann Miller
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  30. That Girl Form Paris (1937) -RKO
    • Lucy plays as Claire Williams
  31. *Winterset (1937) -RKO
    • Lucille is cast as an extra
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  32. The Affairs of Annabel (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Annabel Allison, a fading movie star willing to do anything to get back in the public eye, with the help of her publicity agent, Jack Oakie playing Lanny Morgan
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  33. Annabel Takes a Tour (1938) -RKO
    • This is the second and last in the series of Annabel films, RKO had planned to make more, but Jack Oakie's price was too high and over the studio's budget
  34. Go Chase Yourself (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Carol Meely in her first leading movie role
  35. Having Wonderful Time (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Miram, roommate to Teddy Shaw, played by Ginger Rogers
  36. The Joy of Living (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Salina, Maggie's [Irene Dunne] sister
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  37. The Next Time I Marry (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays the leading role of Nancy Fleming in this film
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  38. Room Service (1938) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Christine, co-starring with the Marx brothers
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  39. Beauty For the Asking (1939) -RKO
    • Lucille plays the lead as Jean Russell, who runs a cosmetic business in NY and develops a new miracle facial and skin cream
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  40. Five Came Back (1939) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Peggy, one of the stranded passengers of a South American plane crash
  41. Panama Lady (1939) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Lucy, a singer in a Panama cabaret who ends up doing housekeeping for the man she robbed after being caught in order to avoid doing jail time
  42. That's Right, You're Wrong (1939) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Sandra Sand
  43. Twelve Crowded Hours (1939) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Paula Sanders
  44. Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) -RKO
    • Lucille plays "Bubbles", a burlesque dancer in a musical co-starring Maureen O'Hara
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  45. The Marines Fly High (1940) -RKO
    • Lucille plays the lead as Joan Grant, an owner of an American cocoa plantation that is raided by bandits
  46. Too Many Girls (1940) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Connie Casey, a spoiled young woman who attends a small college in New Mexico with four football players as bodyguards, one of which is Desi Arnaz
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  47. You Can't Fool Your Wife (1940) -RKO
    • Lucille plays the lead as Clara Fields
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  48. A Girl, a Guy and a Gob (1941) -RKO AKA The Navy Steps Out
    • Lucille plays Dot Duncan, in a navy comedy about a love triangle between Dot, her fiance, "Coffee Cup" played by George Murphy, and her shy boss, Steven Herrick played by Edmond O'Brian
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  49. Look Who's Laughing (1941) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Julie Patterson
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  50. The Big Street (1942) -RKO
    • Lucille considered this film to be her big break, co-starring with Henry Fonda, she portrayed Gloria Lyons, a New York nightclub singer who was crippled in a fall. Henry Fonda plays "Pinks", a polite young busboy who devotes himself to and cares for the selfish singer as she recouperates from the accident. Lucille had a wonderful dramatic climax in the final scene of this film, and was critically acclaimed for it.
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  51. Seven Days' Leave (1942) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Terry Havalok Allen who is the love interest interest in the film
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  52. Valley of the Sun (1942) -RKO
    • Lucille plays the lead in her only western film on location in New Mexico as Christine Larson, a restaurant owner who is romanced by two different men
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    • Note: Lucille left RKO studios in late 1942 and moved in front of the color cameras of MGM studios.She bacame known as "Technicolor Tessie" because her red hair was so hard to photogragh and light. She also did a bit of freelancing during this time.
  53. Best Foot Forward (1943) -MGM
    • This is the first role that Lucille played as herself, Lucille Ball, the movie star
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  54. DuBarry Was a Lady (1943) -MGM
    • This colorful comedy starred Lucille Ball and Red Skelton
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  55. Thousands Cheer (1943)- MGM
    • Lucille Ball, Red Skelton, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, and Ann Southern all appear in a show together during this film
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  56. Meet the People (1944) -MGM
    • (Lucille plays Julie Hampton, a Broadway star who gets a job in a shipyard in order to "meet the people" because the playright (William Powell) feels she's too conceited for the part.
  57. Abbott and Costello in Hollywood (1945) -MGM
  58. Without Love (1945) -MGM
    • Lucille plays Kitty Trimble, a wise-cracking real estate agent
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  59. The Dark Corner (1945) -20th Century Fox
    • Lucille plays Kathleen Conley, a secretary to her boss[Mark Stevens]that was framed for murder
    • Review by Lucille Ball from her autobiography, "Love, Lucy": I was exhausted, just completely depleted in every way. This made me unsure of myself and unstrung. I had enough technical skill to turn in a good performance regardless, and The dark Corner was hailed as "tough-fibered, exciting entertainment," with "superior performances." I can't say my performance was superior; I look utterly bemused in this movie, with a staring, numb, fogbank look, as if I were being driven into a dark corner.
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  60. Easy to Wed (1946) -MGM
    • Lucille plays the supporting female role of Gladys Benton
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  61. Lover Come Back (1946)-Universal AKA When Lovers Meet
    • After discovering that husband, Bill [George Brent] was fooling around while he was in the war, Kay Williams [Lucille Ball] decides to get even and do the same. When her husband doesn't act jealous, Kay is determined to get a quick divorce
    • Review by Lucille Ball from her autobiography, "Love, Lucy":
      "[It] got poor reviews... Howard Barnes of the New York Herald-Tribune wrote, "Our sympathy to Miss Ball, who is fetching in Travis Banton's gowns in spite of the plot's ennui." Bosley Crowther said, "Miss Ball wears a wardrobe of costumes and acts as if she really had a script. The poor lady is sadly deluded, she is completely without support."... Although the scriptwriters were viewed to have failed me, the director and other players did not. Making Lover come Back was the best thing I could have done.
  62. Two Smart People (1946) -MGM
    • Lucille plays Riki Woodner, a girl who makes the mistake of falling in love with a man about to go to prision
    • Review by Lucille Ball from her autobiography, "Love, Lucy": The New York Times described Two Smart People as "a dog-eared tale about love and the confidence racket. Lucille Ball plays the beauteous dame who falls for the guy she started out to fleece. She is painfully defeated by the script at every turn. But in addition to its pedestrian plot, Two Smart People suffers from a lack of competent direction.
  63. Ziegfeld Follies of 1946 (1946) -MGM
  64. Her Husband's Affairs (1947) -Columbia
    • Lucille plays the lead as Margaret Weldon
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  65. Lured (1947) -United Artists
    • Lucille palys Sandra Carpenter, who joins forces with Scotland Yard and serves as a decoy to catch a mysterious killer
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  66. Easy Living (1949) -RKO
    • Lucille plays Anne, a secretary for the New York Chiefs who secretly falls in love with one of the halfbacks, Pete Wilson, played by Victor Mature
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  67. Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949) -Columbia
    • Ellen Grant [Lucille] thinks she's been hired as a secretaryby a real estate owner.But in reality, Dick Richmond [Bill Holden] is a con artist who runs illegal horse-race bets
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  68. Sorrowful Jones (1949) -Paramount
    • Bob Hope plays Sorrowful Jones, who is given gambler's young girl as collateral for an unpaid dept. Lucille plays Gladys O'Neil, a friend of Sorrowful's who helps care for the girl, and eventually they become a family
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  69. Fancy Pants (1950) -Paramount
    • Lucille palys Agatha Floud, who takes home Humphrey[Bob Hope] to be her butler in New Mexico.When the town believes he is a British lord, Humphrey plays the charade untill Agatha's beau uncovers the truth
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  70. The Fuller Brush Girl (1950) -Columbia
    • Lucille plays Sally Elliot, a door-to-door cosmetics saleslady who innocently got caught up with crooks, murder, and the law
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  71. *A Woman of Distinction (1950) -Columbia
    • Lucille makes an unbilled cameo role in this film
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  72. The Magic Carpet (1951) -Columbia
    • After learning the secret of the magic carpet, a prince persuades a harem girl named Narah, played by Lucille, to help in freeing his people from the evil rule of the Caliph
    • Note: This was Lucy's last movie before her great success on television.
  73. The Long, Long Trailer (1954) -MGM
    • Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz portray Tacy & Nicholas Collini, two newlyweds who buy a trailer home and expierence the problems of living in a house on wheels
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  74. Forever Darling (1956) -MGM
    • Lorenzo [Desi Arnaz] and Susan [Lucille Ball] Vega's marriage is going downhill fast, so Susan's gaurdian angel [James Mason] appears in an attempt to help the couple
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  75. The Facts of Life (1960) -United Artists
    • Kitty Weaver and Larry Gilbert (played by Lucille and Bob Hope) are two middle aged married people who experiment with an affair together & return to their spouses
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  76. Critic's Choice (1963) -Warner Brothers
    • Parker Balllentine[Bob Hope], a stubborn NY drama critic, arrives drunk at the Broadway opening of the first play written by his wife, Angela[Lucille]. Parker's unflattering review results in an unhappy household for the Ballantines.
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  77. A Guide for a Married Man (1967) -20th Century Fox
    • Lucille Ball, Art Cartney, Jack Benny,Jayne Mansfield and others make guest apperances on this film about a stubborn husband who decides to dabble in infidelity
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  78. Yours, Mine and Ours (1968) -United Artists

    Lucille Ball plays Helen North, a widow with eight children trying to start a new life, meets widower Frank Beardsley [Henry Fonda], a Navy officer with 10 childern of his own. The two fall in love, marry, and try to cope with the demands of maintaining 18 children

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  79. Mame (1974) -Warner Brothers

    During the Depression and Prohibition, Mame Dennis, played by Lucille Ball, lives life to the fullest and tries her hand at show business, marriage, and caring for her orphaned nephew in this full-of-life musical comedy

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