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Lucille Ball Trivia Quiz

Test your Lucy smarts! Click the links to display the answer to each question.

  1. What was the first episode of "I Love Lucy" to air back in 1951?
    • 'The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub', which first aired October 15th, 1951.
  2. How many "I Love Lucy" episodes were made (not including specials)?
    • #179. The last episode to air was 'The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue' on May 6th, 1957.
  3. How was the "I Love Lucy" pilot finally found?
    • The pilot was given to Pepito the clown in thanks... many years later Pepito's widow finally realized what she had been showing at family get-togethers all those years.
  4. What was Lucille Ball's favorite color combination?
    • Yellow and White
  5. What acting school did Lucille Ball enroll in at 15 years of age?
    • 'John Murray-Anderson Robert Milton Dramatic School' (located in New York City). Not too far into her first year she was told that she was wasting her money and would not make it in the theater world.
  6. Who did makeup for "I Love Lucy"?
    • Max Factor
  7. Who did Ms. Ball's Wardrobe on "I Love Lucy"?
    • Elois Jensen
  8. Who is Gary Morton and what was his real name?
    • Lucy's second husband. His real name was Morton Goldapper.
  9. What was the stage name Lucy gave herself when she first arrived in Hollywood?
    • Diane Belmont
  10. What is Lucille Ball's mother's name? (hint: it's the same as Lucy's middle name)
    • Desiree
  11. What was the clause in William Frawley's contract regarding baseball?
    • Frawley's contract contained a clause that stated if the Yankees ever made it to the World Series he would get time off to go to the game. He was a huge Yankees fan. This clause actually came into effect and posed a problem since many times during the run of 'I Love Lucy' the Yankees DID make it to the World Series.
  12. How old was Lucille Ball when she had her first baby?
    • 39 years old
  13. How tall was Lucille Ball?
    • 5 feet 7 and a half inches... according to her autobiography entitiled 'Love, Lucy'
  14. Who was Lucille Ball's father?
    • Henry Durell Ball. He was a telephone lineman for the Bell Company