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"I Love Lucy" Bloopers

  • Episode #35 "Ricky Asks for a Raise," Lucy, Fred and Ethel do the quick-change act to get Ricky's job back. One of the three is seated at a table supposedly for 12, but there are only 4 places set at the table!
  • In "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" #30, when Ricky is singing, you see Lucy standing in the apartment setup, watching and smoking a cigarette.
  • In "The Gossip" #24, Ricky said that Bill and Grace Foster lived in 3B. Later in "Anniversary Present" #36, they lived in 2A.
  • In "The Ballet" #19 Fred's ex-vaudeville partner was named Ted Kurtz. Later, in #102 "Mertz and Kurtz" he transformed into Barney Kurtz.
  • In the episode "Breaking the Lease" #18, Ethel plays such songs as Sweet Sue. In a later episode (#91 "Lucy's Club Dance"), Ethel can definitely not play the piano. In "Ragtime Band" #173, Ethel can't play the piano there as well, and then in the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour with Ernie and Edie Kovacs, Ethel plays the piano accompaniment for Edie's song.
  • You can see the shadows of the production staff on the walls in the background in several episodes, especially in "The Seance" #7.
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  • In episode #1, "Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her", when Lucy and Ricky are dancing, you can see part of the bedroom at the left side of the screen.
  • In the I LOVE LUCY pilot episode, right before Ricky gets up, a shadow quickly passes by the dresser in front of his bed.
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  • In episode #37 "The Handcuffs", the handcuffs come undone but Lucy craftily re-latches them. This happens the first time Ricky goes to the phone and pulls Lucy with him.
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  • In episode #18 "Breaking the Lease," when Fred and Ethel leave after singing "Sweet Sue" in the beginning they each turn a different direction out the door.
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